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Ruth Saporito is a Toronto based artist working in Collage and Mixed Media.  

She enjoys using collage to explore the infinite ways of repurposing paper and imagery to compose a completely new narrative.  

Ruth is known to create moody vignettes taking the viewer through a mysterious synopsis and noire ambience, evoking a deep emotional curiosity, response and connection.  She loves the textural properties of layering paper and other mediums to create movement and depth. 

"The idea that you create a new narrative by 

altering and rearrangement imagery is 

incredibly powerful and creatively compelling"

 During her travels in 2022, she started exploring a new way of cutting paper, into what she has dubbed "paper peels".  

Her Paper Peel collection is inspired by a childhood memory of her grandmother peeling fruit.

Ruth's work has been published internationally in the UK, New York, Finland, and Estonia.  She was a contributor to Canada’s 

KOLAJ magazine Special World Collage Day 2020 Editi​on, and most recently one of her collages was featured by The Canadian Women's Organization for the Signal For Help Campaign.

Ruth has exhibited her work in the U.S.A,  Scotland, Spain, Indonesia and at various venues throughout Toronto, Canada and is 

part of private and corporate collections around the globe. 


2019- Collage Garden, Denver, Colorado 

2019- Collage Garden, Dundee, Scotland

2019- Group Show, Toronto 

2020- Mertz Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland

2020- Collage Garden, Seville, Spain

2020- Group Shows, throughout the year at various Toronto locations

2020- Live Art Show and Sale, Facebook

2021- Group Shows, throughout the year at various Toronto locations

2021- Kids Help Phone Silent Auction Fundraiser

2021- World Collage Day exhibits: 

  • COMPRESSION- Vayo Collage Gallery Rochester N.Y.
  • HOPE- Fragmented Collective Scotland
  • Canadian Collage Collective- Art Zone Gallery, Halifax

2021- COLLAGE 2021, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto Ontario (On now!) 

2021- International Square Foot Show, Hamilton 

2021- PAPIER EXHIBITION, Esperanto Gallery A celebration of works on and about paper (AUG 6 -20) 

2022-CORPOREAL GESTURES, a curated show by Clive Knights- Portland Oregon

November 2022: 

POP UP MARKET- Artscape Youngplace, Toronto 


2019- Defaced (UK)

2019- Cut Me Up (USA)​

2020- KOLAJ Magazine World Collage Day Special Edition (CA)

2020- Semioculous X (Estonia) 

2020- "Signal For Help" Online Art Share Campaign (CA)

2021- Zimetra International Women's Day Catalog (Sri Lanka)

2021- "HOPE" in the time of Covid - exhibition e-book

2021- COLLAGE 2021 Artbook c/o John B. Aird Gallery 

2021- PAPIER EXHIBITION, Artbook, Esperanto Gallery

2021- "Hungry for Love"  Erotica meets Cartoons Zine - Finland 

2022- Oculustober "Phobias"-  Estonia 

2022- Corporeal Gestures:  Fragmentary Explorations in the Cultivation of the Human Body- Curated by Clive Knights. Portland,Oregon

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