2019- Collage Garden, Denver, Colorado 

2019- Collage Garden, Dundee, Scotland

2019- Group Show, Toronto 

2020- Mertz Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland

2020- Collage Garden, Seville, Spain

2020- Group Shows, throughout the year at various Toronto locations

2020- Live Art Show and Sale, Facebook

2021- Group Shows, throughout the year at various Toronto locations

2021- Kids Help Phone Silent Auction Fundraiser

2021- World Collage Day exhibits: 

  • COMPRESSION- Vayo Collage Gallery Rochester N.Y.
  • HOPE- Fragmented Collective Scotland
  • Canadian Collage Collective- Art Zone Gallery, Halifax

2021- COLLAGE 2021, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto Ontario 


2019- Defaced (UK)

2019- Cut Me Up (USA)

2020- KOLAJ Magazine World Collage Day Special Edition (CA)

2020- Semioculous X (Estonia) 

2020- "Signal For Help" Online Art Share Campaign (CA)

2021- Zimetra International Women's Day Catalog (Sri Lanka)

2021- COLLAGE 2021 Artbook c/o John B. Aird Gallery